Here are some recordings of songs writeen by me over the years. All music is copyrighted as indicated and all rights are reserved.

Dream Journal is a composition written and performed by me.

Out Here On Our Own is a composition written and performed by me. We all need a break every now and then!

River and You'll Find Your Way have been recorded by various artists, most recently Janie Roberts on her CD "River!!", released in 2017.

CMYK, Waltz for Caitlin, and the instrumental version of Another Step are part the CD The Fourth Stream, featuring vocalist Cat Austin, Wolfgang Wein on bass, Kendrick Freeman on drums, and myself on piano. Download by clicking here.

Many of these songs also appear on the CD Tempting Fate, featuring vocalist Cat Austin, Paul and Marc Van Wageningen on drums and bass, John Santos on percussion, Ray Obiedo on guitar, Tower of Power saxophonist Norbert Stachel on saxes and flute, and myself on piano and keyboards.Download by clicking here.

Been There Done That was recorded at a concert with vocalist Bonnie Brooks, Doug Liebinger on trombone, Pete Estabrook on trumpet, Cliff Hugo on bass and Kendrick Freeman on drums. Recorded in 2012 at the Occidental Center for The Arts.

My Own Illusion and Don't Do It are written by me and performed by vocalist Paula Samonte, with Ed Randol on saxophone. Recorded in 1995 at the Ukiah Playhouse in Ukiah, California.

I Believe In You, You Started Something, and the original vocal version of River are performed also by vocalist Paula Samonte, recorded in 2013 at J Dog Studio.

The Song In Me is featured on Bonnie Brook's wonderful CD You Are The Song In Me. This CD was engineered and co-produced by Bonnie and me in 2012 at J Dog Studio.