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This series is a hands-on learning approach to the recording studio technique and process. At the end, you'll walk away with a completed 2-song demo CD.  The cost of the seminar includes the services of three professional musicians: myself on piano (or other keyboard), a drummer and bass player. You could also bring in other musicians (like guitar) if you want, or play an instrument yourself! Additional fees may apply to hire extra musicians.

IS THIS FOR ME?  If you are a singer, this is a perfect economical way to make a beautiful demo in a professional studio with world-class musicians! If you're a singer/songwriter, make a recording of your songs with professional backup. If you play an instrument, work with some of the best musicians in the Bay Area in a state of the art setting.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT?  The series consists of four 3-hour sessions over a 4 week period.  Each session focuses on a different aspect of the recording process:

Session #1

  • Introduce you to the fundamental technical aspects of recording and jargon (microphone technique, iso booths, dubbing, mixing, mastering, etc.)
  • Set the arrangement and key of the 2 songs you will be recording.  

Session #2

  • Recording.  This session is intended to lay down the perfect rhythm track (piano, bass, drums or any other instruments) as you sing a "scratch" vocal track.  You will go home from this session with 2 versions of each of your songs - one with your vocal as recorded during the session; one with just the music track for you to practice to during the week.

Session #3

  • Re-recording your part.  You might decide during the week that you want to redo the entire "scratch" track from last week, or you might want to keep most of it but change a few places. That is called punching.  We will use this session to get you the best vocal track.

Session #4

  • Mixing. This session is used to combine everything into a final product. If you need to make a few final corrections, we will do this. Learn about mixing: compression, equalization, adding effects (such as reverb) and more. You leave this session with one master copy of your 2-song CD!

The workshop will be held at J Dog Studio,located in Sebastopol, CA.

In addition to the included piano, bass and drums, other professional musicians are available to add to your song if you want, for an additional cost. Ask John for more details.

This is a small seminar and you will get a lot of personal attention from both John and the vocal coach if you are singing. The size of the seminar is limited to 3 or 4 participants.  For more info, or to register, contact John by clicking here.


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